Single-Family Dwelling
Acapulco, Guerrero, México

In the idyllic setting of the Tres Vidas golf club, where the house faces onto the fourteenth hole, this residence integrates interiors and exteriors through common areas and seating areas, thus blurring the division between public and private, and incorporating the context into the building’s interior.


The construction consists of four concrete bodies, connected by a central circulation element and seating areas made of wood and steel. There are two bedrooms and a library on the ground floor. The master bedroom, guest room, kitchen, sitting room, and dining room are on the upper floor.


The library is the central body: it floats among reflecting pools and is the only part of the house to occupy two stories. The block of bedrooms faces east, structurally resolved with two concrete walls and a series of terraces and balconies that open onto different views of the location.


A beach house for two writers that blurs the division between public and private.

IÑAKI ECHEVERRIA [urbanismo paisaje arquitectura]
Iñaki Echeverría / Design Director
Fernanda Herrera, Paola Suárez, Alfonso Molina, Maite Echeverría, Alejandro Fernández, Patricio Rubio, Paul Cremoux, José Carlos de Silva, Carlos Luna, Eliud Aguirre, Héctor Gaitán