Mexico City

José Gurria, Javier Reséndiz, and Arturo Luna of the jazz trio Ethos commented on our work, but given that their language is music, they addressed aspects that eluded conventional architectural representation. We decided to coproduce a CD that would at once be an exploration and musical representation of our architecture, and a construction of their music. Photographs and drawings by I. Echeverria, L Gordoa, J. Marce, A. Molina, J. de Silva, C. Luna, T. Jiménez, T. Argüelles, J. Carral, M. Hierro, A. López, V. Martínez and G. Díaz complemented the installation with anecdotes and visions of what had inspired the music. Rather than offering logical or rational explanations, the project explored environments and defined the qualities that express the firm’s ideal or typical character: its ethos.


The presentation consisted of a concert by the Ethos trio with interventions by Iñaki Echeverria.


The project elaborated on and challenged the strategies of our practice. Rather than exploring the physical qualities of the architecture or its process of conception, it studied its immaterial or sensorial dimension, its phenomenological aspect.