First Place in National Competition
Mexico City

Linear City is the result of a material’s physical qualities and research and manufacturing processes being taken to the limit. The material to be used, Corian, was studied to determine its main physical qualities of hardness and translucence.


By trial and error, the strength of Corian was analyzed using the most advanced laser-cutting technologies. This industrial-technological process was enhanced with a manual-artisanal one: the finished pieces were further worked by hand to achieve the randomized effect proposed by the original project. Finally, to take advantage of the material’s translucent qualities, light was added to the piece. The superimposed planes and the lighting between them create an effect of depth and three-dimensionality, which changes depending on the time of day. Thus, the design takes on a dual function that fluctuates between lamp and screen.


The final result is a skillful combination of solid and empty spaces arranged orthogonally, which combines with the luminous effect to conceptually resemble a linear city.


Linear City is the result of taking a material’s physical qualities to their limit.

IÑAKI ECHEVERRIA [urbanismo paisaje arquitectura]
Iñaki Echeverría / Design Director
Iván Parra, Josué Lee, Lenin García, Roberto Fuerte, Guillermo López, Xóchitl Zuñiga, Luis Gallardo

Iñaki Echeverria, Julio Marcé, Alfonso Molina, Jaime Schmidt, Carlos Luna, Tanya Jiménez