International Competition
Taichung City, Taiwán

In order to transform an abandoned space into a zone open to the public, a project was created to recover the space previously occupied by Taichung Airport, in Taichung City, Taiwan.


Environmental sustainability is the core of the proposal, which features a series of open public spaces devoted to the recovery of native landscapes, environmental experimentation, sustainable agriculture, and recreational activities where visitors interact with nature. Likewise, construction strategies include a hydraulic infrastructure capable of dealing with critical periods of rain, which will also help to use water more efficiently within the park.


The ultimate objective of this project is the protection of the site’s natural spaces, and their harmonious coexistence with the city and its inhabitants.


Sustainability as motivation and technology as a tool join together to create a park that will act as a gateway to the city of Taichung.

IÑAKI ECHEVERRIA [urbanismo paisaje arquitectura]
Iñaki Echeverría / Design Director
Josué Lee, Fabiola Vargas, Daniela González, Guillermo López, Israel Meneses, Janisse Cruz, Jimena Castañeda, Jorge Durán, Omaris Zuñiga, Yasmin Alarcón.