Mexico City

Located at No. 324 Lope de Vega Street in the Chapultepec Morales district of Mexico City, this project is a residential building with nineteen apartments, and an underground parking lot that is the same size as the property. There are two blocks: the western one adjacent to the street, and the eastern one at the back of the property. Each will have five floors.


The two blocks are separated by a courtyard with a garden where vertical circulation systems and apartment entrances are concentrated. The circulation systems feature a light structure that allows for the ventilation and illumination of the space.


The project is located at No. 324 Lope de Vega Street, Colonia Chapultepec Morales, Miguel Hidalgo borough, Mexico City.

Iñaki Echeverria, Claudia Aguirre, Rubén Alejandri, Maite Echeverria, Alejandro Filloy, Greta Hauser, Walter Lingard, Agustín López, Alfonso Molina, David Varela, Eliud Aguirre