Mexico City

To restore a historic façade protected by the National Institute of Fine Arts (inba), with a permit to build offices and commercial spaces, this project focuses on the construction of a six-story building with eight offices, one commercial unit on the ground floor, and an underground parking garage. The total construction area is 2687 m². The design includes an entry court, which is a public area at the building’s entrance, and vertical circulation systems (elevator and stairs) which are optimized by means of a central nucleus and lateral corridors for the circulation of pedestrians and vehicles. The spaces have natural illumination and ventilation, thanks to their high ceilings and numerous large windows.


A protected structure is modernized: transformed into office and commercial space, open to the public.

IÑAKI ECHEVERRIA [urbanismo paisaje arquitectura]
Iñaki Echeverría / Design Director
Iván Parra, Josué Lee, Carolina Ayala, Guillermo López, Israel Meneses, Janisse Cruz, Jimena Castañeda, Jesús Santillán, Jorge Durán, Mario Espinoza, Osvaldo Estrada, Roberto Fuerte, Rogelio Rodriguez, Xochitl Zuñiga